Free service:

  • Transfer between the guest house and the railway station
  • Environment free from mosquitoes
  • Use of the pond (bathing, fishing)
  • Parking inside
  • Outdoor cooking – firewood, masonry oven, cauldron, grill provided
  • Use of bicycles in case of booking a whole house
  • Use of water and land sport equipment in case of booking a whole house (kayak, canoe, badminton, football, trampoline)
  • Garden playground, sandbox
  • Hammocks and sunbeds
  • Wi-Fi
  • Possessions and liability insurance
  • Dogs and other pets are welcome
  • Engagement planning

Engagements, service (details at Engagements menu)

  • Arrangement of fishing boat trip (spinning, feeder use)
  • Arrangement of water trip
  • Lending water sport equipment (fish finder, kayak, canoe, boat, motor boat)
  • Hunting


Although the houses at Eden Park primarily cater to people who want to have a self-supporting vacation, we can help you put the inconveniences of cooking aside. According to your needs we can provide you with meals for either the whole day or certain times of the day.

Rich country style breakfast – €8 per capita

In case you would like to cook for yourself, you can buy products ingredients from organic farms. If you would like to try local food, we willingly cater for you. Meals contain special ingredients coming from nearby, such as fish from the River Drava, game, Mangalica pork, Racka mutton, goat meat, lamb, chicken, rooster and penny bun (Boletus edulis).

We only make meals for at least 6 persons depending on the ingredients available, therefore we would like to kindly ask you to tell us about your intention to order meals as soon as possible.

Prices: Each meal costs €15. Feel free to eat as much as you can.

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