River Drava is one of the most exciting rivers in Europe. It is more or less far from the rest of the country. As the former Yugoslavian border used to lie there, even villagers had not been allowed to reach the bank for 50 years. Thanks to this the river bank kept its intactness and originality that made it mysterious and the scene of our boldest desires of fishing and adventure seeking.


In a boat or while swimming we should always be aware that the reach of the river is faster than average and there is a lot of obstructions both at the bottom and at the edges of the river bed.


The Drava River is surrounded by gallery forests all along with thick vegetation and a mysterious fauna. Thanks to the constant reach of the river sandbanks tend to appear, while we can find shoals at the river bank where we can have a rest.


The water is crystal clear, the sand is smooth, and forests reach the edge of the water. Visitors will meet silence, calmness and the enchanting nature.



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