The river and its branches, the forests bordering them, but especially groves nearby are perfect spots for birdwatching. Thanks to the abundance of birds and the local knowledge we can give our guests advice where to go to observe certain species. We will probably meet the species demanded to find, so observation is guaranteed and so is the photo in case you have good skills.

You can set out in a boat to watch water birds. With the use of the observing huts of the National Park we can select by more habitats.

Please find below some interesting bird species that are guaranteed to appear:

Grey heron, cormorant, common tern, little tern, common buzzard, Eurasian sparrowhawk, swan, common kingfisher, bee-eater, great and little egret, knots, tawny owl, jay and some species of anatidae, seagulls and grebes.

If you are lucky or willing to spend more time on observation, you may meet the following species as well. White-tailed eagle, raven, black stork, purple heron, great bittern, black kite, harriers, black woodpecker, Eurasian wren, nightingale and common spoonbill.