By the summer of 2016 a pond was finished in the park. It can be used both for fishing and bathing. The pond contains natural water within natural environment, and has the same flora and fauna as other still water around the Drava River. The pond with its own small ecosystem provides an incredibly exciting opportunity to explore nature. Visitors can get acquainted with a large number of animals from great silver water beetles to turtles, different species of frogs to native fishes. Give your child a landing net and observe that they will forget their tablet or smartphone for the day.

The area of the pond is circa 1300 m2. The vegetation of the bank is mainly the habitat of the animals that can be found around the pond, however, the middle of the bed of the pond is as deep as a swimming pool, so it is suitable for swimming.

Bathing: The water of the perfectly clean that is caused by self-supporting and also the constant reinforcement with crystal clean water. The water is shallow at the indicated area for swimming, so even the little ones can play there under proper supervision. Although, heading inwards the water is getting deeper immediately. The bed consists of sand and clay, is free of rocks and especially deep. There is a jumping hill for the brave from which you can dive into 3 or 4 meters deep water. During lasting heat waves sea weed tends to appear on the surface that does not look nice, but is totally harmless for the health.

Fishing: The pond contains a shoal of tench (Tinca tinca), crucian carp (Carassius carassius) and a species of common carp (Cyprinus carpio morpha hungaricus). There is also an abundance of small fish, smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu), asp (Leuciscus aspius), northern pike (Esox lucius) and huge species of bream (Abramis brama).

Attention! Only catch and release fishing is allowed (caught fish must be treated carefully and let back into the water).