The most beautiful water trips in Hungary travel through the River Drava. Flowing through untouched nature, there are rapids on the higher parts, and when the river enters the lowland it gets calmer, but its reach, obstacles, sandbanks and shoals offer you a wonderful rowing experience. Water trips on River Drava have a special atmosphere, their uniqueness cannot be compared to trips on other rivers. In endless silence the thick forest reach the surface of the water you can meet nature’s very core.

There are no plastic bottles floating on the surface, no loud jet ski riding, no wave-producing water traffic – only you and the river. Have a refreshing swim in the crystal clear water, have some rest on the snow white top of a reef and indulge in nature’s true tranquility.


A. Rowing trips planned for you: We arrange water trips both for our guests and inquirers coming from outside following their interests. Engagements can be selected from dinghy trips as passengers or rowing trips in canoes or kayaks.

1. Short rowing of circa 3 hours
Prices: at least 6 people, from Vízvár to Heresznye: in canoe: €30 per capita: 3 to 7 people: €25 per capita, more than 7 people: €22 per capita.

2. Our most popular engagement is the one day rowing from Vízvár to Barcs. The distance is 39kms with bathing stops, can be easily completed within 7 to 8 hours.
Prices: at least 6 people, from Vízvár to Barcs: in canoe: €49 per capita, 3 to 7 people: €44 per capita, more than 7 people: €39 per capita.

Feel free to contact us in connection with your ideas and for offers.


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