River Drava is bordered by gallery forests on both sides that mainly remained in their original state. The whole stage of the river that runs through Hungary is found on the area of the Danube-Drava National Park, so you can be assured that its unique landscape that is considered rare in Europe will be an unforgettable experience. The forests on the banks provide a hidden and impenetrable shelter for animals that are so rare that many of us know only from pictures. Here, however, they can be seen any time.

Although there is a small chance that you see a wildcat, you will probably see white-tailed eagles, black storks, ravens, little terns (which nestle only here), and if you keep quite at your fishing spot, you will have the opportunity to see otters and beavers. You can also observe common kingfishers, cormorants, grey herons and great egrets, and in case you spend the night outside, you can probably hear the frightening sound of the fight of golden jackals from the great island, along with owls’ answers.