The village is the island of fresh air and tranquility. It has never been a large place; the current population is about 600. It is not a well-known village either, yet hides such a treasure that attracts lovers of nature, eco-tourists, cyclists, aquatic travelers, hunters, but mainly fishermen.

This treasure is the River Drava. It is an exciting and mysterious river with branches, backwater, thick forests, untouched environment and a unique flora and fauna. All of this can be reached on foot in a short time.

Vizvar is found right at the bank of River Drava, at the Southern border of Somogy county and Hungary.

You can find 2 groceries, a bar, a restaurant, a GP, an ATM, a library and a Roman Catholic church.

You can easily get any products in the 3 villages nearby in Tesco, Lidl, Penny Market, Spar, etc., while you can find a pharmacy, a hospital, a post office, an OTP Bank, fishing shops among others.

Vizvar on a map:

magyarorszag          somogy

Map of the village:


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How to get there?

Although Vizvar is relatively far from Budapest, it can be reached fast and easily on motorway M7 that leads to Nagykanizsa. On the other hand you can travel through Pecs on motorway M6, then on Route 6 towards Barcs.