Welcome to Eden Park!

We are looking forward to meet you at the bank of river Drava, on the blooming island of silence and tranquility, where the singing of birds is the sound, the green sigh of the forest is the scent and the blue of the sky and the water is the color. Take a deep breath from the dewy summer morning air, let the magnificent calm of the forest breeze through your soul, be dazzled by the vivid colors of bee-eaters, let your ears be caressed by the song of the nightingale, and be amazed by the scenery of the amber sun merging into the purple river at twilight.

Forget monotonous everyday life and revive yourself here. Get acquainted with a new form of recreation. While on a vacation at Eden Park, guests of any age can find exciting engagement either at the accommodation or nearby or at the river bank which can be easily reached on foot within some minutes.

We have three guest-houses with terraces and furnishings of high standard that are open for families with children, friends, lovers looking for romance, naturalists looking for adventure, fishermen and hunters throughout the whole year.

The garden is more than one acre and full of vegetation. Mosquitoes are killed. Sheep and other animals graze on the field, while wild animals approach even the house. There is a big pond which can be used both for bathing and fishing and which is surrounded by places suitable for relaxation and picnics. The end of the garden is already the flood plain of the Drava River, where the water reaches the base of the ramparts during floods.

The enhanced equipment found in the houses provides the opportunity of self-supporting long-term stays, while our helpful staff assures you to be part of an unforgettable experience.

Eden Park not only gives you accommodation but also offers you a complex of experience for which vast equipment is provided free of charge, from bicycles to bathing, from out-door cooking to canoeing.

Please, let us be honored by your confidence in us and let us be your host.

“Silence is not only the voice of nature, but also the inward need of soul.”

“(Nature) does not speak, hence does not even lie; does not make promises, yet gives you all of its everything; does not talk, yet tells more than man has ever said.”
István Fekete


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